International Academy for Design and Health

                The International Academy for Design and Health is a leading global interdisciplinary

                knowledge community dedicated to the stimulation and application of research                                       concerning the interaction between design, health, science and culture.

    Vision and Mission

"Healthy Environment - Healthy People"

To promote health and well-being through Salutogenic Design, we aim to create physical environments that actively support health promotion, fostering healthy society.

Ecological Design 

“The challenge for ecological design is to provide a green context for a healthy society, dealing with built infrastructure that creates clean air, clean water, clean food, and clean land. These principles are intertwined with those of salutogenic design, which support human health in daily life through stimuli of psychosocial supportive design factors.”   

Dr Ken Yeang, Ph.D.

Architect, planner and the founder of Ecological Design, The world's leading green skyscraper architect

Salutogenic Design

The Salutogenic Design support the sense of coherence that fostered by people’s ability to comprehend the built environment (Comprehensibility), to be effective in his behavior (Manageability) and to find meaning from the stimuli and exposure from their built environment (Meaningfulness). The high degree of Sense of Coherence supports people in managing stress and promote health and wellebing.

Dr Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

Architect, Public Health Scientist who develop the theory of Salutogenic Design

Neurobiological salutogenic mechanisms of architectural beauty

“The salutogenic design with curvy-shaped architecture are able to activate brain centers of the beauty circuit, with impacts on particles such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins that can interfere with anxiety, stress, depression. These are precisely the health benefits of salutogenic effects of architectural beauty and its contribution.”

Prof. Enzo Grossi

Medical doctor, scientist,and researcher in the field of Pharmaceutical Medicine, ArtificialIntelligence, Art Culture and Health.

Duties of the Architect

“We are committed to the key illuminations of theoretical neurobiology and expanding the value creation and artistic function of architecture in order to produce the best performing and most optimised salutogenic environments for today’s interconnected world.”

Kristen Whittle, RIBA AIA M. Arch SCI-Arc BA Hons

Studio Kristen Whittle is focused exclusively on the creation of human health and planetary health environments.

“Salutogenic design is ‘good design’

It is not only because of its direct applicability to people’s health but because it’s based in research, science and quantifiable evidence. By adopting salutogenic design, advocates for ‘good design’ in government share a common purpose with decision makers. It is precisely from this evidence base that design professionals can rebuild trust in their profession and design more broadly—a worthy intellectual and creative pursuit for the public good.”

Stefano Scalzo

Executive General Manager, Infrastructure Planning, Victorian Department of Health, Australia

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